Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens


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Some other interesting websites...

  • Utopian realism (blog):
  • FareWellDock:  A three-year research project which is part of the Animal Health and Welfare (ANIHWA) ERA-net initiative, investigating ' the hazards related to using tail docking as a preventive measure in comparison with the hazard of being tail bitten, as well as on solving some of the main risk factors of tail biting':
  • PigWatch project (ERANET):
  • IPEMA Cost action aimed at facilitating the development of integrated solutions for the development of alternatives to the surgical castration of piglets, namely raising entire males and immunocastration:
  • The EU Commission: Information on how to reduce the need for tail docking:

Helpful YouTube videos

PigWatch project