Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens


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External resources

The EU Commission: Information on how to reduce the need for tail docking 

Slides from European Commission meeting: Rearing pigs with intact tails in Europe, 38-30 November 2017, Grange, Irland

European Commission leaflets and films regarding tail biting and tail docking

Video on tail docking in Finland

Video on tail docking in Italy

Research project resources

FareWellDock:  A three-year research project which is part of the Animal Health and Welfare (ANIHWA) ERA-net initiative, investigating ' the hazards related to using tail docking as a preventive measure in comparison with the hazard of being tail bitten, as well as on solving some of the main risk factors of tail biting' (Fact sheets below)

PigWatch project (ERANET)

IPEMA Cost action aimed at facilitating the development of integrated solutions for the development of alternatives to the surgical castration of piglets, namely raising entire males and immunocastration

Helpful YouTube videos

PigWatch project: causes and prevention of tail biting

Pig Signals Tutorial 1 - The benefits of better observation

Pig Signals Tutorial 2 - Signals shown by single pigs

Pig Signals Tutorial 3 - Restlessness and tail biting

Tail biting in pigs (Norwegian)


Factsheets and advisory information

AHDB Web-based husbandry advisory tool 

AHDB enrichment guide for pigs

FareWellDock - Tail docking

FareWellDock - Enrichment for pigs

FareWellDock - Role of health in tail biting

FareWellDock - How to spot early signs of tail biting

Farm Animal Welfare Education Centre - Tail biting in pigs

Farm Animal Welfare Education Centre - Aggression in pigs

IFIP - Preventing pain in pigs (French language)

SRUC/University of Edinburgh Centre for Animal Welfare Science Excellence: Factsheets on aggression and tail biting in pigs

Danish advisory material on feather pecking prevention and pdf version