Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens


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Short Term Scientific Missions - 2016

The first call for STSM proposals had a deadline of 31 May 2016, and 5 applications were funded (see below). 

 Project title
Katarina Pichova
Wageningen University
Automatic recording of behavioural characteristics of high and low feather pecking laying hens
Alessia Diana
University of Leuven
Precision Livestock farming as a tool to monitor ear and flank biting behaviours
Dimitar Nakov
University of Helsinki
Assessment of the behaviour quality protocol in group housed pigs related to physical health
Elisabeth de Haas
Linkoping University
Disseminating the epigenetic modulators of feather pecking in laying hens
Amin Sayyari
Uni. Strasbourg
Consequences of chronic exposure to deoxynivalenol - behavioural studies in mice and analysis of physiological effects as a testing model for pigs