Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens


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Short Term Scientific Missions - 2017

 Project title
 Zsolt Becskei
Hellenic Agricultural Organisation
Incidence of feather pecking and tail biting and economic impact in Greece
 Anna Xexaki
NMBU, Norway
Broaden knowledge on immunology and modern breeding and management practices in the laying hen industry
 Faye Tahamtani
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Investigating how feather peckers choose their victims: can they detect assymmetry?
 Lisette van der Zande
 Advanced statistical analysis of tail bite score at weaning
 Slobodan Knezevic
 Automatic tracking - linking phenotype to technology, exploratory analysis
 Zuzana Skalna
University of Bristol
 How do stress and information spread through groups of laying hens?
 Heng-Lun Ko
University of Helsinki
 Damaging behaviour in piglets around weaning in a group housed system
 John Lees
University of Bristol
 Maternal care / brooding effects on feather pecking
 Mia Fernyhough
University of Stavanger
 Effects of laying hen breeding
 Oceane Schmitt
Evaluation of the possibility to collect molecular and body phenotypes at birth to predict piglet survival and welfare
 Elske de Haas
University of Linkoping
 Gene expression in relation to feather pecking in chickens
 Mona Giersberg
Wageningen University
 Assessment of animal-based welfare indicators in high and low feather pecking strains
 Virpi Sali
NMBU, Norway 
 Non-invasive sampling for immunological markers e.g adenosinedeaminase and cytokines in pigs
 Christina Veit
NMBU, Norway
 Behavioural observation of LPS challenged pigs